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Current Music: morning musume- go girl ~koi no victory~
12 February 2012 @ 06:08 pm
♥ my car is making strange noises :'( the brakes are at least. my dad said it might have just been because i haven't driven it in a while but i was too scared to drive it today lol. stupid car DX

♥ alisha and i took one of our bi-monthly trips to h-mart yesterday~ i spend so much money when i go there ugh i love food ;; we went a little bit crazy when we saw that the calpico was on sale for 60c a bottle and i think we scared one of the workers, she asked us what it was because apparently a lot of people were buying tons of it lol. i love calpico so much ;;

♥ today we tried to give our rats a bath. it did not end well :| marluxia was freaking out and squeaking all over the place but we managed to get him relatively clean so that was okay. zexion, on the other hand, completely flipped out. he managed to climb out of the sink before we could catch him, run along the counter, and then fell off as we were trying to grab a hold of him. i was seriously scared for a moment that we wouldn't be able to catch him D; we had to settle for wiping him down. he calmed down pretty quickly though, stupid rat.

i have a whole bunch of scratches on my arm now as evidence of our failure :Dv

♥ alisha and i share a brain when it comes to food.
me: you know what sounds good right now?
alisha: wings? i was thinking about that earlier...
me: ... get out of my head.

♥ i pre-ordered SUPER DELICATE and the hey! say! JUMP calendar. i haven't bought their calendar since their first year as a group, and i haven't bought a single since mayonaka no shadow boy, i'm the worst fan EVER. i'm actually pretty excited to get them lol, though the single won't ship until the calendar is out.
06 February 2012 @ 07:42 pm
♥ i was so productive today! \o/ i cleaned our disgusting stove and counter tops and did my laundry and most of my reading and bought my books annnnd applied for graduation! there was some minor confusion with that so lol hopefully i'm graduating come spring. being productive feels good, i should try it more often~ not.

♥ i had korean bbq for the first time yesterday! that was an experience lol alisha and i were too dumb to figure out what to do. but i have a new found love for kimchi now haha. we got so many strange looks at the restaurant though :(

♥ after months of marathoning alisha and i finished ghost whisperer! such a good show, i'm going to miss melinda and jim so much ;; and even eli, though i liked rick a lot more. now we're watching doctor who lol.
03 February 2012 @ 12:09 pm
♥ yaginuma-sensei substituted for our class today! \o/ i miss sensei so much D; we spent the entire last half of class talking about food, but it was actually relevant because the reading selection in our book was on sushi and stuff ahsdhasdf I WAS SO HUNGRY OMG D:

♥ last night i found legitimate yuuto hate and it confused me D: i know i'm being biased but even so i'm always under the impression that it's impossible to really hate yuuto. not like, sure, but actually hate? i've only ever seen someone say they hate him once before, and that was years ago, before hsj was formed. but from last night, their reasons made me not take them seriously lol, especially after they said he has no talent.

but really hating yuuto is like hating rainbows and puppies. he's such a nice genuine guy idgi D:

♥ SO MUCH YAMAJIMA LOVE I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF. no but can people stop saying they've risen from the dead or something the pairing never 'died' okay it just wasn't pimped out. after RnM it'll probably 'die' again but their love friendship will continue forever :|

♥ i'm super excited for super delicate now lol so much yuuto in the center *A* i still need to preorder it damnit.

♥ who sent me a cookie and why? DDDD: n-not that i don't like it but lol i thought it was for my rp account before i read the email more closely, and then i got really confused. wai go anonymous? D: whoever you are i love you ♥

list of what i want to eventually writeCollapse )
26 January 2012 @ 12:44 pm
♥ two hour breaks between classes are great for catching up with dramas~ now that i finally have subs and a good quality file i can watch risou no musuko *A* lol i hope i don't end up hating umi, someone please tell me that she does have actual affection for her son somewhere in her :| even if i'd rather bully him than coddle him i really do love yamada, and i'm glad to see him in a non-serious role. and yuuto i love your face what more do i have to say.

i want to write daichi/kouji fic.

♥ i realized yesterday that for all of my classes that i'm taking this semester i've had the teacher before lol. and two of my classes are in the same room orz though on different days. i'm glad that i decided to take the rise and decline of the roman republic now, hopefully the class will be an easy good grade since both exams are take home \o/ professor lilley, my japanese history teacher, spent ten minutes discussing the big bang theory with someone for our first meeting. miura-sensei is miura-sensei. i still have japanese lit to go, i finally have a class with alisha again! \o/ please don't let this semester fall to the curse of spring semesters, i need to graduate ;;
20 January 2012 @ 10:13 am
♥ sometimes i'm astounded by my ability to screw things up (/。\) i shouldn't be allowed online past 11PM because i'm too sleepy to make proper decisions and i do dumb shit. either that or i need someone to monitor me so i don't do dumb shit. i'm sorry to the people that must put up with my dumb shit. geh.

but really, i hate this over-emotional me that acts quickly and foolishly and regrets it later. i really need to work on taking a step back sometimes and thinking things through before i do shit.

♥ i have to go back to school... soon. i actually wanted to be back by now but my glasses haven't come in yet :|
10 January 2012 @ 06:53 pm
♥ today i had two appointments orz a dental appointment and an eye appointment. both went fine. no cavities this time! \o/ though, i told them about how one of my bottom teeth starts to hurt when i'm eating, and it's apparently because i grind my teeth and it's filing my canines down. but my dentist does not feel the need to do anything about it until it gets worse :| dude they hurt now, why are we waiting for me to get headaches and jaw aches before fixing it? D:

♥ finding good books is so hard lately. despite my age i still like to read mostly teen fiction, because it's easier and faster and sorting through the fiction/science fiction sections of bookstores is a nightmare. but i have serious problems with 90% of teen fiction books. if i pick up something that looks interesting and find out that the main character is a girl i'm automatically put off, because 90% of female teen fiction heroes are fucking annoying.

then there's the issue of romance. today i picked up something that advertised on the front cover that it was 'better than the hunger games' (pfff). it sounded decent, until i got to the last line that mentioned 'a handsome stranger.' if i see ANYTHING about a handsome, mysterious, cool, rebellious, etc guy in the summary of a book i automatically put it down. i'm so sick of the mysterious bad boy love interest oh my god. for once can a girl fall in love with the cheerful normal guy?? it's the same issue i have with shoujo manga.

the solution to this of course is to stop reading teen fiction OTL. i dig my own graves.

♥ i'm cooking dinner tonight! \o/ praying it turns out okay orz.
07 January 2012 @ 04:58 pm
♥ hiii i like to shop when it's for cheap stuff and i have money. today i acquired: sakura wars for the ps2 (if it looks decent and is under $10 i'm almost guaranteed to buy it), new sneakers (after four months my old pair have holes in them alsdasdakhadgf damn maryland and its huge campus), ringu 2 (i haven't seen the first one but damn, both ringu are hard to find over here and it was only $6 so why not), and a britney spears CD (SHUTUP i think her stuff is catchy and it was under $10 :|)

i'm determined to buy the kingdom hearts game for the ds that came out this (?) year but i can't find it anywhere what is this. and when is hunger games merchandise going to come out?! i've seen pins and the mockingjay pin at fye and a calendar (though it wasn't a movie calendar) but not much else. i'm hoping that hot topic, as crappy as it is now, sells hg stuff, it's much more suited to hot topic than twilight is :/

♥ passing by the arcade i saw people playing around on one of the ddr knockoff machines and did a double take because the song they were doing was KARA's Wanna o_________o hello kpop in Virginia. the music video was playing along with it, too. this is as weird as the time i saw SNSD's genie playing on a 3D display television at the coast guard exchange. weirder because it was Wanna and not Mister or something more popular.
06 January 2012 @ 06:59 pm
♥ i went to the bookstore yesterday and while i was reading one of the books i bought i kept thinking that the plot sounded really familiar. i looked it up online, wondering if i had a plagiarism case on my hands, to find out that i've bought that book before, but under a different title, cover, and with a different summary on the back. i was just too blind to see the tiny print on the cover saying "published previously as bla bla bla" :| that's really something that should be in big letters. and who does that, anyway?!

♥ i really want to learn more about more jcelebs (and even the few kcelebs i like) and stuff so that i can write them properly but omg i am so lazy i don't want to sift through interviews and download videos and all that crap D; sometimes i can barely keep up with yuuto lolol. i'm so terrible. i need to focus on like one or two people and try to stick with them. tbh i only know yuuto really well lol i doubt i write suzuka properly and my yamadas are pretty much just caricatures. i'm such a fail writer, i'm no better than the people that make yamada into a weepy uke ;;

♥ i think i'm gonna make most of my posts public from now on. not that anyone cares |D i need more fandom friends again, i kinda cut myself off from everyone back when i was really bad off and now i need people to talk to.